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Veterans in Virginia Struggling with Injury and Disability

A recent report from Fox News has revealed a disturbing problem: the suicide rate among veterans in our country is nearly double that of citizens who have never served. Some of the cause for this is the lingering hopelessness and despair faced by many veterans who have been disabled either physically or psychologically.

The Mautz Agency stands by our veterans, and we are committing ourselves to a long term campaign on their behalf to help reduce these tragic suicides and provide our vets with the support they deserve.

Ambassadors for our Veterans

As Regional Ambassadors in the #AgentsofChange initiative, the Mautz Agency has taken on the responsibility of working to improve outcomes for veterans in and around Fauquier County. We will be actively supporting a number of local programs designed to ensure these brave heroes are provided with proper counseling and care as well as access to all the medical treatment they have earned through their service.

There are a great many veterans in the Warrenton that need us, and we’re asking you to help us reach them.

Join us in Serving our Veterans

You can be part of this campaign by encouraging your family members, neighbors, co-workers, and friends to come and visit us here at the Mautz Agency. We can provide information on how to help support our local veterans, and we will happily provide a no-cost insurance appraisal as well. Afterward, we will express our gratitude for your assistance by issuing a donation to a regional veterans program IN YOUR NAME.

We Need Your Help!

We can’t do this without the help of other people in our community who value the service and sacrifices our veterans have given to us. We hope you decide to work with us as we continue to do everything we can to assist our local veterans.


George Mautz

The Mautz Agency

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